Tech Paper: Intelligent Completions Customized to Meet the Challenges of Malaysia Reservoirs: Work Flow and Case Histories

Improving intelligent completion designs helps operator reduce cost and improve productivity

Tech Paper: Intelligent Well Completions Customized to Meet the Challenges of Malaysia Reservoirs – Work Flow and Case HistoriesIntelligent well completions (IWC) have been installed in Malaysia since 2003, but only recently has this technology become widely accepted. This acceptance has resulted from recognition of values such as reduced capital cost, improved productivity, and increased ultimate recovery. Initial documentation on IWC capabilities was presented in 2012 (Masoudi et al. 2012). Since then, additional well and reservoir modeling has been conducted, and the added benefits shown from use of active flow control in these completions is documented, further improving IWC acceptance. This paper discusses the improvements gained from these studies, including the following:

Determining if zonal flow control is necessary.

Identifying which flow-control equipment is best-suited for the well.

Determining the quantitative value in terms of productivity or injectivity and the estimated ultimate recovery (EUR) of installing flow control.

Additionally, the importance of subsurface data gathering and the quality assurance and control (QA/QC) from that data are discussed, including the importance of identifying potential subsurface uncertainties during the IWC planning and design phases.

Two intelligent-completion design examples from actual cases using the previously mentioned improvements resulted in successful completion designs. The design examples were from offshore wells that intercepted segmented or compartmentalized reservoirs and/or thin-oil rims. Additionally, the intelligent completion designs described in this paper were shown to be suitable for inclusion in sand-control methods, if necessary, as well as having the capability to address possible conformance issues.

This paper presents the methodology used in the modeling as well as the successful end results anticipated by the operator(s) when using the IWC designs.

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Source: SPE Offshore Europe Conference and Exhibition, 8-11 September, Aberdeen, Scotland, UK

Authors: Rahim Masoudi (Petronas) |  Keng Seng Chan (Petronas)  |  Hooman Karkooti (Petronas)  |  Sumit Soni (Petronas)  |  Shlok Jalan (Petronas)  |  Noman Shahreyar (Halliburton)  |  Tejas Kalyani (Halliburton)  |  Douglas Finley (Halliburton)

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