Tech Paper: Innovative Sidewall Pressure Coring Technology Improves Reservoir Insight in Multiple Applications

New tool helps eliminate the loss of important reservoir fluids during core recovery process

Core RecoveryOil and gas exploration and development projects require reservoir properties that need to be evaluated to help ensure both economic and operational success. These reservoir properties include determination of the volume of original hydrocarbon in place, the residual hydrocarbon saturation after sustained production, and the reservoir drive mechanisms. Additionally, an accurate analysis of the hydrocarbon properties is essential to optimize reservoir depletion and production forecasting. Collecting core samples from the reservoir is one method to obtain important reservoir properties; however, limitations and uncertainty can result from the methodology routinely applied for reservoir core sample recovery. The significant loss of reservoir fluids (Botset and Muskat, 1939) resulting from the use of traditional core recovery and retrieval processes was documented more than 75 years prior and has continued to present an ongoing economic and operational challenge to industries engaged in hydrocarbon exploration and development.

This paper details a new wireline sidewall coring technology designed to retain both reservoir rock and associated entrained fluids within a sealed pressure vessel that eliminates the loss of important reservoir fluids during the core recovery process. Capturing formation fluids, rather than estimating lost fluids volumes, has shown to improve analysis of reservoir hydrocarbon volumes compared to traditional coring systems. The composition and saturations of formation fluids within the reservoir provide important parameters for reservoir management and production forecasting. Additionally, collecting formation fluids allows for analysis of the fluid properties, which is crucial to the design of completion and production strategies for hydrocarbon reservoirs. Field and laboratory operational procedures for this wireline core technology are presented in this paper. Also included is a discussion of shale gas and mature field applications of this new wireline sidewall coring technology, with case histories describing reservoir analysis results.

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Source: Logging Symposium, 25-29 June 2016, Reykjavik, Iceland

Authors: John Pinkett (Halliburton) | Donald Westacott (Halliburton)


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