Tech Paper: Frac-hits Mapped by Tube Waves: A Diagnostic Tool to Complement Microseismic Monitoring

Innovative use of microseismic data to understand direct frac fluid hits at offset wells

This paper presents a method for detecting and analyzing tube waves recorded from a downhole geophone array as a hydraulic fracture grows toward and hits the observation well. Examples from both horizontal and vertical monitor wells are presented. An analysis of tube waves provides additional and independent fracture diagnostics data that can complement microseismic monitoring.

Click below to view further details and download the technical paper (PDF).




2018 SEG International Exposition and Annual Meeting, 14-19 October, Anaheim, California, USA

Authors: Zhao Zheng (Halliburton) | Henry Bland (Halliburton) | Sean Machovoe (Halliburton)


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