Intercept® Retrievable Bridge Plug Provides V0 Barrier on Two Batch Wells with Zero NPT

Halliburton retrievable bridge plug helps ensure stability and safety

Challenge – This operator needed to rent barrier plugs in order to temporarily abandon its wells to drill and run batch completions. Normally, the operator rented bridge plugs from another service company. Halliburton discussed the well challenges with the operator and recommended the Intercept® retrievable bridge plug because of its gas-tight V0 barrier during batch drilling and completions.

Solution – Halliburton provided specific tool data as it related to the well conditions, sizing, and temperatures in order to help ensure that the Intercept retrievable bridge plug would perform well in the environment. Halliburton also explained that the plug is versatile since it does not require hang-weight below to set, which saves rig time. Should well operations require it, however, the plug can handle significant pipe weight below, saving trip time and reducing cost. Since the plug does not require left-hand rotation, it reduces the risk of accidental disconnection of the workstring or workstring components.

A Global Critical Well Review for these specific jobs was executed in order to prove Halliburton commitment to the operation.

Download the case study (PDF) below to read more.



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