Case Study: Halliburton Formation Evaluation (FE) Program Helps Client Discover More than 400 Feet of Net Pay

Safe, Efficient Operations Collected the Required Data in 17 Days Across Two Wellbores

Challenges – The customer needed to obtain high-quality formation evaluation, rotary cores, pressures, and fluid samples in two large open holes. The requirements included performing reservoir characterization and rock evaluation for whole-core calibration, and collecting lab-quality samples and accurate reservoir pressures for reservoir quality and structure. Time constraints would need to be optimized for efficient coring operations, while conveying wireline in a highly challenging wellbore trajectory in the sidetrack.

Solutions – Halliburton recommended a DeepSuite™ reservoir characterization package, including the Compensated Spectral Natural Gamma Ray (CSNG™), GEM™ tool, Dual-Spaced Neutron (DSN™) tool, Spectral Density Logging (SDL™) tool, Xaminer® Array Sonic Tool (XAST™), Xaminer® Multicomponent Induction (MCI) tool services, as well as its latest technologies, the Xaminer® Magnetic Resonance (XMR™) and High-Fidelity Borehole Imager (HFBI™) services. This in-depth formation evaluation suite provided the client with valuable information about the reservoir, including porosity, fluid mobility, grain density, clay type, rock mechanics, Rv/Rh, and structural dip.

The Xaminer® Rotary Sidewall Coring Tool safely and efficiently collected required cores. The RDT™ service, including FLID™ and ICE Core® technology, was proposed for its flexible and combinable probe configurations to accomplish all of the required pressure testing, sampling, and fluid analysis in the same run.

A Super Combo Unit (SCU) with industry-leading 18,000-lb Powered Capstan, 40,000-lb PowerPull™ cable, Releasable Wireline Cable Head (RWCH), and LockJar® technology would be employed for successful wireline conveyance in both wellbores. Toolpusher™ conveyance, using flawless downhole technology, would also assist on the job.

Download the case study (PDF) below to read more.



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