Halliburton donates laptops and phones to help students with virtual learning

Halliburton employees loaded nearly 1,000 laptops and phones onto trucks to be delivered to Aldine Independent School District and Comp-U-Dopt

Last week, Halliburton donated nearly 1000 retired IT assets to Houston-area non-profit organizations to support students’ virtual learning. Halliburton Community Relations Manager Melissa Sowell, along with members of the Halliburton IT department, loaded laptops and iPhones onto trucks to be delivered to Aldine Independent School District and Comp-U-Dopt, a non-profit that provides technology access and education to underserved Houston youth. Halliburton donated 500 laptops and 140 iPhones to Aldine ISD and 205 laptops to Comp-U-Dopt.

“These devices will go straight into the hands of students and be put to good use immediately. Thank you Halliburton for all of your support!” said Abel Garza, Assistant Superintendent of Community and Governmental Relations, Aldine ISD. Aldine ISD educates over 60,000 students and started school virtually on August 17.

“We are so thankful for Halliburton’s generosity during this challenging time. These devices will make a huge difference for students without proper access to technology as they are navigating this new world of online school,” said Colin Dempsey, Executive Director of Comp-U-Dopt.


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