Don’t Get Stuck On Defense: Learn How Some Operators Are on the Offensive against Frac Hits

With many unconventional basins shifting from exploration and leases to infill drilling, a topic of major concern is now “well bashing” — when frac fluid of an infill child well infiltrates the wellbore of a nearby parent well. Over the past few years we’ve seen parent-well production decrease, requiring costly workover operations to regain production targets.

This well basing problem is compounded when localized depletion from the parent well causes asymmetry in infill well stimulation. Excessive fracture growth in the direction of the depleted reservoir diminishes stimulation of untapped reservoir sections, ultimately hindering child-well performance.

Some operators have attempted to build pressure in parent wells by halting production days or weeks prior to stimulation, while others have experimented with pumping large fluid volumes into parent wells to try to reduce the severity of frac hits.

While these strategies have proved effective at protecting parent-well production, they do little to improve the long-term financial goal of increasing overall recovery and reducing the cost per BOE.

Sometimes the best defense is a strong offense.

Today, Halliburton is providing advanced cement slurries that enable installation of smaller casing strings in parent wells and specialized plugs that restore confidence in standard plug-and-perf operations. Several operators in the Eagle Ford and Haynesville shale plays are now working with Halliburton to execute casing refrac campaigns that protect parent-well production and improve child-well performance.

The results? — Significant uplift in recoverable reserves and increased total asset value.

By executing parent-well casing-in-casing treatments with child-well completions, most of these wells are achieving their original target production rates. At the same time, child-well production is increasing to levels comparable to parent-well curves.

If you’re stuck on the defensive side of the well bashing issue, it’s time to go on the offensive and contact Halliburton. We have the solutions that get the results you want.


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