Mature Fields

Case Study: Innovative Perforation Application Helps Production Excel

Halliburton’s innovative perforation application overcame excessive formation damage and boosted anticipated production by 313%. CHALLENGE – An onshore, cased-hole, and perforated oil wellbore located in the Ecuadorian rainforest had a damaged formation and low bottom-hole pressure leading to excessive losses with depleted intervals and sub-average production rates. The operator needed alternatives for bypassing the damage and an perforation application that could perforate a...

Tech Paper: First-Ever Level 4 Multilateral Well in North Kuwait Field Successfully Completed, Improves Oil Production

Pilot well to identify feasibility of multilateral wells to  enhance oil recovery, reduce drilling costs Kuwait Oil Company (KOC) has recently drilled the first multilateral well in a North Kuwait field to improve oil production in productive layers subjected to water coning problems by increasing reservoir exposure using Level 4 multilateral technology. The multilateral well targeted the same sand in different directions with two...

Case Study: Old Romanian Wells Need Increased Production

Six months of collaborative planning and modeling result in safe job execution and a large production increase for a Halliburton client. CHALLENGE – OMV Petrom in Romania had a number of aging wells with declining production. They were experiencing low reservoir pressure, clogged perfs and proximity of the perfs to the bottom of the well. They needed a collaborative solution that would increase production...

Mature Fields and Common Sense Engineering: Where has it gone?

In 1977, Texas Instruments unveiled the TI-55 programmable calculator. Those were the days—simple calculations to simple problems. In 2013, software programs abound doing everything from inflow calculations to desktop black oil simulations. Technology has evolved but did we leave something behind in the process? Continually, I am approached by clients with questions about mature fields. Some questions are answered with simple answers but...

A New Approach to Facing Rod Pump Challenges

Worldwide, there are approximately 2,000,000 oil wells and 37.5 percent of these use rod pumps as the artificial lift method. Rod pumps face many operational challenges such as, mechanical wear, corrosion, pump failures, and inefficient pumping.


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