Case Study: Unloading Completion Fluids Via a Well Test Package at 14 bbl/min

Increased well performance saving rig time and recovering additional base oil

CHALLENGE – Shell Australia desired an engineered solution to increase completion fluid unload rate without introducing any significant additional costs. The parameters for the design included:

  • Case Study: Unloading Completion Fluids Via a Well Test Package at 14 bbl/minMinimum Unload Rate of 10 bbl/min (14,400 bbl/day)
  • Conform with all local, industry, operator, and service provider standards and regulations
  • Approved by independent authority
  • Utilise existing well test package onboard (designed for 4 bbl/min liquid flow rate)
  • Fit in existing well test area
  • Provide recovery method for completion fluids to tanks where possible for reuse on subsequent wells
  • Maintain burner configuration for optimised burn of condensate rates between 2 and 4 bbl/min

SOLUTION – Halliburton engineered a bespoke solution, utilising a hydraulic choke, modified knock out pot and high pressure manifold. The unload system was tied back into the well test liquid handling system, so that existing pumping and storage equipment could be used. The utilisation of equipment in this manner is unconventional, and a detailed engineering study was performed by Halliburton to verify its suitability. A robust safety system was developed and installed to protect the low pressure equipment against numerous hazards, most notably early gas production.

HAZOP and HAZID studies were then performed on the system by Shell Australia and Halliburton and the system was approved by the independent validator with support from both companies.

Download the case study (PDF) below to read more.





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