Case Study: Single-Trip Multizone Cased-hole Frac Packs and Intelligent Completions Improve Recovery in Subsea Gas Field

Advanced completion solution enables wells to remain fully functional after five years of production

Challenge – The operator needed to improve operational efficiencies for this complex subsea field of shallow, low pressure, and weakly consolidated gas reservoirs. The field required a method of dealing with unconsolidated sands, along with the ability to monitor and control each of the six potential layers as the economics of the project required a single wellbore to access multiple reservoirs. Early water breakthrough was also a concern, with the potential impact of loading the production string with heavy water and curtailing ultimate recovery.

Solution – The Halliburton Enhanced Single-Trip Multizone (ESTMZ™) completion system was chosen for its ability to significantly improve operational efficiency. The system allows the sand control service tools and frac pack to be run in a single trip, and enables the intelligent completion system to be run inside the ESTMZ sand control system to monitor and control each reservoir. The Halliburton HS-ICVs (interval control valves) and ROCTM pressure and temperature gauges provided the operator the advantage of multi-rate testing and cleaning up each zone individually. The HS-ICVs were also used to permanently shut in several zones that were producing excessive water that would have jeopardized recovery from offset zones.

Download the case study (PDF) below to read more.



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