Case Study: Saving Deepwater Rig Time with Cutting-Edge Technology and Collaboration

wireline services in deepwaterUSD 10 million saved with openhole wireline services in deepwater presalt exploration wells in Angola

CHALLENGE – In Angola, drilling complex formation presalt wells, with water depths of over 5000 ft, can be challenging and expensive. In a logistically challenging country, complications arising from missing the target and any fishing jobs in these water depths can be both costly and detrimental to any exploratory drilling budget. When Cobalt International Energy was drilling their presalt exploratory wells, they chose Halliburton to provide the openhole logging solutions to their challenges.

SOLUTION – To address the logistical challenges, Halliburton began prepping for the job even before the actual award of the project. Halliburton planned and executed complex Walkaway Vertical Seismic Profiling (WVSP) to help understand the velocity-anisotropy interdependence and validate the parameters for the surface seismic processing. To address the challenges of presalt carbonate complex pore geometries and reservoir quality, Halliburton customized its RDT™ tester and Xaminer™ Coring Tool bits for each well logged. The state-of-the-art RDT tester, with its customized and flexible probe configurations, collected low-contamination samples in a single run, thus reducing multiple runs compared to another competitor, and saving more than USD 10 million by avoiding potential fishing operations. The customized technologies and collaborative approach between Cobalt International Energy and the Halliburton FRS team helped improve reservoir understanding.

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  1. AvatarJason Lavis

    Challenging markets can bring out the best in people and encourage innovative solutions. Not every solution can save $10m on a single job though, that is outstanding.

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