Case Study: Use of Remotely Operated Technology Saves 45 Hours Rig Time

Remotely operated barrier valve and bridge plug increase operational efficiency while eliminating a number of intervention runs

Use of Remotely Operated Technology Saves 45 Hours Rig TimeCHALLENGE – Chevron wanted to hydraulically set a production packer and provide dual well barriers with minimal intervention methods. The completion design had a limitation where only low pressure could be applied against the fluid loss device, hence the requirement for a separate packer-setting solution. The typical completion method would normally involve two full wireline rig ups/downs, 10 shallow wireline runs and one deep wireline run.

SOLUTION – Halliburton proposed the use of an eRED®-LV remotely operated isolation barrier valve, deployed in the open position, as the packer-setting device and deep-set barrier. Once the completion was landed and the hanger was tested, the eRED-LV valve was remotely closed to allow setting of the production packer. The eRED-LV valve was then remotely opened via pressure command to allow the annulus to be tested and reclosed to act as the deep-set barrier.

An Evo-RED® bridge plug was proposed as the shallow-set barrier to allow removal of the BOP and installation of the christmas tree. The Evo-RED plug was preinstalled in a tubing joint onshore and deployed as part of the completion in the open position. Once the production packer had been set and the eRED-LV valve had been reclosed, the Evo-RED plug was remotely closed via pressure command to act as the second barrier.

Upon installation of the christmas tree, the Evo-RED plug was remotely opened and subsequently pulled from the well via slickline. The eRED-LV valve and fluid loss device were then remotely opened via pressure commands to allow production to commence.

Download the case study (PDF) below to read more.



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