Case Study: Reliable Well Abandonment System Saves Time and Money During Storm Evacuation

Well Abandonment SystemTemporary well abandonment system stays intact in GOM for nine years, despite hurricanes

CHALLENGE – It was hurricane season in the Gulf of Mexico, and a Halliburton client with a jack-up rig was faced with the challenge of oncoming Hurricane Katrina and a secondary hurricane, Hurricane Rita, while a well was being drilled. Evacuating personnel was the priority, but the risk of equipment damage left in the hole was also a huge concern. This client needed a solution that would allow the workstring to remain in the hole while evacuating the well.

SOLUTION – Halliburton proposed running a subsurface control valve I (SSC-I) along with a RTTS® packer to seal the well being drilled. Just eight days after Halliburton installed a temporary well abandonment system on the client’s rig, the rig was found beached in West Cameron, Louisiana. Without these special tools, the workstring would have been left standing in the derrick and likely would have blown away with the rig costing the client money. The tools remained intact inside the well for over nine years, despite the rig being blown off and destroyed by Hurricane Rita. The system was successfully retrieved in February 2015 without any problems. Upon inspection, the system was found to be in excellent condition.

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