Case Study: Record-Setting Lateral Completion Achieved with Obsidian® Plugs

Halliburton and Eclipse Resources set 124 frac plugs averaging 5.3 frac stages per day

CHALLENGE – Setting and drilling out 100 + frac plugs in an extended-reach 18,544 ft lateral is no easy feat, so finding a reliable, field-proven completion solution was key. Eclipse Resources considered running a sleeve system for the extended lateral; however, Obsidian® plugs proved to be a more economical option, and past experience gave the operator confidence in the success of this technology.

SOLUTION – Obsidian frac plugs are made from composite material without using any metal parts. They have a reputation for drilling out in a short time with the right size cuttings; which provides quicker drillout times by not bridging off the backside of the tubing or clogging the flowback screens.

The Halliburton wireline adaptor kits used in setting plugs are engineered with an outside diameter that provides optimum dimensions to avoid presets.

All of the plugs were tagged on depth during the drillout process, which used only two roller-cone bits with a 3 1/8-in. mud motor on a standalone unit.

The first roller-cone bit drilled out 70 Obsidian frac plugs without a short trip, and the second roller-cone bit had only one short trip after 30 Obsidian plugs were drilled out. The 3 1/8-in. mud motor operated at 200 revolutions per minute with a pump rate through the tubing of 3-4.5 bpm, which resulted in 250-275 revolutions per minute at the bit.

Download the case study (PDF) below to read more.



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