Case Study: RapidStage® system with AccessFrac® service shines in the Bakken

A minimum of 30% sustained production improvement in over 20 jobs performed

CHALLENGE – Operators in the Bakken and Three Forks formations seek to increase compartmentalization in their wellbores by adding more isolated fracturing stages. The goal – access more productive reserves thereby improving well economics with the goal of lowering cost per BOE. At the same time, these operators strive to minimize completion time in order to bring wells on production sooner.

SOLUTION – To exceed the demands of the longer and more compartmentalized laterals, the Halliburton RapidStage® system delivers up to 55 individual ball-drop stages for efficient openhole completions. Swellpacker® systems provide openhole isolation,while RapidBall™ DM dissolving ball technology helps eliminate the need for post-stimulation intervention to ensure well production.

To further enhance these completions without additional mechanical complexity, Halliburton recommended AccessFrac® service multi-cycle stimulation designs. Using biodegradable fracturing diverter isolation, AccessFrac service enables ultra-compartmentalization of the wellbore by adding an additional pump/proppant cycle at each stage. Typical fracture treatments employ a single injection cycle per zone. With AccessFrac stimulation service and RapidStage sleeves, a 50-stage job can result in up to 100 discrete fracture treatments. No other technology integration can deliver the same level of efficiency and lower the cost per BOE.

Download the case study (PDF) below to read more.



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