Case Study: North Sea Operator Trials Innovative P+A Barrier Verification with Potential Savings of 34 Hours Rig Time

Relay™ Tractor System Successfully Deploys Shale Barrier Assessment Tools in Highly Deviated Well Section

Challenge – The well section in question was a highly deviated section (72°), meaning that any deployment by gravity alone would be unachievable. Additionally, a restrictive deck footprint meant that any option would need to fit in with a busy rig that had ongoing subsea P&A operations. Good-quality data would be required for immediate specialist analysis and identification of suitable shale barrier zones behind the 9 5∕8 -inch casing to enable a real-time isolation barrier solution that could be implemented and verified.

Solution – Deployment modeling confirmed that challenges could be encountered that would prevent a standard tool string from reaching the required depth. It was determined that tool deployment with the Halliburton RELAY™ tractor system would be the most efficient method, should deployment assistance be required in the well.

Halliburton CAST-M™ and CBL-M tools, along with its multi-finger imaging tool (MIT), were selected to gain all the necessary data in a single pass in order to effectively identify and evaluate any shale barrier zones behind the 9 5∕8 -inch casing. Deployment on mono-conductor e-line ensured a minimum footprint on the rig.

The Halliburton Formation and Reservoir Solutions team recommended utilizing its advanced cement evaluation, barrier assessment analysis, and casing inspection services  to provide fast-turnaround information so that immediate decisions could be made regarding this well barrier solution.

Halliburton tubing-conveyed perforating (TCP) and completions teams proposed a combined tool string for an efficient isolation barrier pressure test.

Download the case study (PDF) below to read more.



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