Case Study: New Technology Enables Operator to Achieve A Level of Efficiency Previously Unachievable

Turbo Tech® II Valve and Inflow Tech® Packer with Setting Control Module Enable Wellbore Cleanout in a Single-trip

Challenge – A major industry challenge that operators face is being able to reliably operate two compression-set tools in the string at the same time. Since most wellbore cleanout-compatible (rotatable) packers are compression-set, operators typically must compromise with a ball-drop bypass tool or risk an unintentional functioning of one of the compression-set tools, which could lead to a failed run.

Industry run history has shown that the long-term reliability of running two compression-set tools in the string at the same time is poor, and typically offsets any efficiency gains that the run is intended to achieve. Many compression-set bypass tools available must stay in compression to remain open, which limits string movement and reduces the efficiency of the cleanout run.

Solution – The Turbo Tech® II valve and Inflow Tech® High-Performance packer with Setting Control Module (SCM) were designed to address this specific challenge with three major design features. First, both tools do not rely on single shearing functions, such as pins, and both can be reset to their original compression resistance each time they are returned to tension. Second, the Turbo Tech II valve was designed to maintain annulus and tubing pressure integrity in the compressed/ intermediate position. This avoids creating a leak path and allows the negative test operation to continue in the event the Turbo Tech II valve unintentionally functions during the setting and operation of the Inflow Tech packer SCM.  Finally, since the Turbo Tech II valve stays open when returned to tension and does not need to be held in the open position with compression, the string can be reciprocated to assist in the cleanout of the 5 ½-in. liner.

Download the case study (PDF) below to read more.




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