Case Study: Innovative Perforation Application Helps Production Excel

Innovative Perforation ApplicationHalliburton’s innovative perforation application overcame excessive formation damage and boosted anticipated production by 313%.

CHALLENGE – An onshore, cased-hole, and perforated oil wellbore located in the Ecuadorian rainforest had a damaged formation and low bottom-hole pressure leading to excessive losses with depleted intervals and sub-average production rates. The operator needed alternatives for bypassing the damage and an perforation application that could perforate a new upper interval into the mature, high-permeability sandstone.

SOLUTION – Halliburton experts recommended Hydra-Jet℠ TS perforating tool for deeper penetration to bypass the damaged formation, to improve operating flexibility, reduce job time, enhance health, safety and environmental performance, and avoid further losses. This solution increased production by 313% over anticipated rates.

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