Case Study: Innovative Elect® Frac Sleeve System Proves Successful for Demanding Well Conditions

‘First of a Kind’ Sleeve System Enables Complex Completions and Minimizes Risk

Challenges – Rockcliff Energy was interested in a frac sleeve system without operational pressure limitations to allow for higher circulating and cementing rates, and to help eliminate the risk associated with wellbore packoff and the inadvertent shearing of pins.

A further limitation with conventional toe valves is determining an ideal pinning configuration that resists operating pressures from running in hole, cementing, performing casing pressure tests, and running another completion tool such as a liner hanger. Halliburton worked with Rockcliff Energy to create a plan for running a new technology that would create this value without introducing risk into the completion.

Solution – The Elect® monobore frac sleeve system is a platform of electronically powered equipment that actuate to turn simple casing into smart completion tools. The Elect toe sleeve system does not utilize shear pins to resist operating pressure in the wellbore. Instead, it uses an electro-hydraulic lock that unlocks after a predetermined, programmed amount of time. This allows the use of operating pressures that approach the limitations of the casing prior to unlocking. Further, the fullbore drift provides the ability to run high-efficiency wiper plugs and pass tools through the sleeve without risk of becoming stuck.

The Elect toe sleeve system was run in hole, along with the Halliburton RapidStart® Initiator CT (Casing Test) toe sleeve, which is a reliable, field-proven toe sleeve that allows for a casing pressure test for an extended period of time before the sleeve opens. This minimized the risk of the field trial, as it allowed for the Elect frac sleeve to be actuated and given a chance for validation before having the RapidStart Initiator CT toe sleeve act as a contingent solution.

Download the case study (PDF) below to read more.



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