Case Study: Improving Well Performance Through Flowback Optimization

SPIDRTM Optimized Flowback Service

SPIDR Optimized Flowback ServiceCHALLENGE – The challenge was to apply analytical engineering principles to flowback operations, as no real engineering had been employed for these operations within the industry, and to ultimately improve long-term well performance while maintaining initial production rates.

SOLUTION – Halliburton leveraged the expertise of its reservoir engineers and senior field personnel to implement a flowback program specific to the well’s characteristics. A full suite of flowback equipment was utilized, along with a SPIDR® pressure gauge. The high resolution SPIDR pressure data was used to model bottomhole pressure and detect any potential causes of completion damage. The CALIBR℠ service was employed to continuously analyze changes in well performance. This analysis was used to optimize the choke schedule and manage the pressure drawdown, allowing the well’s response to drive the flowback strategy. The CALIBR service enabled Halliburton engineers to identify and reduce potential damage and to evaluate completion effectiveness.

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