Case Study: Illusion® Frac Plug Helps Operator Save $200,000

All 15 plugs dissolved, removing the need for coiled tubing millout

CHALLENGE – In an ongoing effort to reduce the risks and costs incurred when completing a well using the plug-and-perforate method, the operator was primarily looking for ways to remove the need for milling out composite plugs. As an added challenge, the customer’s objective was to maintain the same parameters during the pump down and setting operations of the plug, without having to modify the values used with traditional composite frac plugs.

SOLUTION – Halliburton highlighted the benefits that Illusion frac plugs offer over the traditional composite frac plugs being provided by another service company.

Illusion frac plugs are dissolvable and help eliminate the need for intervention prior to putting the well onto production. In addition, this high-performance frac plug provides zonal isolation for pump-down applications during wellbore stimulation, and combines the industry-leading Halliburton frac plug designs with the most advanced dissolvable metal and rubber materials.

It is run-in-hole just as a composite frac plug would be, making installation quick and easy. No special tools need to be deployed in the casing string to set the frac plugs, maintaining the flexibility provided by the plug-and-perforation technique.

As with previous wells, a conventional electric setting tool was used to set the Illusion frac plugs. The large-bore ID allows operators to produce through the plug while it remains in the wellbore and begins the dissolution process immediately following fracturing.

Download the case study (PDF) below to read more.



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