Case Study: Halliburton Installs World’s First 9 5/8-inch Multibranch Inflow Control System in North Sea

New TAML Level 5 FlexRite® MIC System Enables More Possibilities for Advanced Multilateral Completions

Challenge – In March 2017, a Norwegian operator approached Halliburton, needing a new TAML Level 5 multilateral technology (MLT) solution for its mature field in the North Sea. While the operator had been using Halliburton MLT technology successfully for many years in this field, its use was limited to individual branch control in dual lateral applications, as well as comingling from additional branches in tri and quad lateral wells. The operator asked Halliburton to create up to three and four laterals from 9 5/8-inch casing, which would help increase overall reservoir exposure, while still maintaining the selective control and monitoring of each individual lateral. At the time, a system with this functionality in this size did not exist globally.

Solution – Halliburton has a long history of collaborating with this Norwegian operator to develop MLT solutions to address its field challenges. The Halliburton 10 3/4-inch FlexRite® multibranch inflow control (MIC) junction has had a proven track record, and was the first TAML Level 5 junction of its kind to allow intelligent completion components to be run through the junction. This proved to be a significant step change in the possibilities for advanced completion solutions and selective, remote branch control.

In mid-2017, Halliburton began working with the operator to design and develop a completely new FlexRite MIC system for
9 5/8-inch casing. The new junction had to be compatible with an intelligent completion solution to provide selective control of each lateral.

In less than two years, the new FlexRite MLT and intelligent completion system was designed, qualified and tested, and was ready for initial deployment. The new system featured multiple stacked 9 5/8-inch MIC junctions, with an accompanying
2 7/8-inch intelligent completion solution. The completion design incorporated swellable packers for isolation between laterals, along with interval control valves (ICVs) and gauges for the remote control and monitoring of individual reservoir branches.

This new solution would allow an unlimited number of MIC junctions to be installed in a given well, using the new FlexRite MIC system. Now, production or injection can be managed and controlled at each individual lateral, totally independent of all other lateral legs.

Download the case study (PDF) below to read more.




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