Case Study: Halliburton Enters Conventional Liner Hanger Market on Sinclair Well

First MatchSet™ system is successfully installed in highly deviated horizontal application

Challenge – The customer had limited operations in the Williston Basin, and was faced with the complexity of a highly deviated horizontal well with a sidetrack. It needed a hanger with a modular design that could handle long and heavy liners with minimal stress to the parent casing. The MatchSet™ conventional liner hanger, with an integral liner-top packer, has a unique compact design ideal for deviated or horizontal wells. It provides an effective annular seal between the top of the liner and the parent casing, and the anti-preset feature allows the liner to reach and set at the desired depth.

Solution – Halliburton was awarded its first field trial of the MatchSet system on Sinclair’s Ian Quicksilver 19-20-1H well. A hydraulic set/hydraulic release liner hanger with a liner-top packer and a 20-foot (6-meter) polished bore tieback receptacle were selected for Sinclair’s highly deviated horizontal cemented liner completion. Two RapidStart® Initiator sleeves were also used in this customized completion. Once the liner was deployed to total depth and the liner hanger was spaced out for proper setting depth, the hanger was set, utilizing a Halliburton cementing unit. The cement job was pumped, and the wellbore pressure was tested to the customer’s requirements with complete success.

Download the case study (PDF) below to read more.



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