Case Study: Fracture Height Confirmed in Australian CSG Well

fracture heightService provided understanding on whether horizontal or steeply dipping fracturing existed in an exploration well in the Gloucester Basin

CHALLENGE – Halliburton client AGL Energy Limited needed insight into the vertical and horizontal fracture height and complexity of a vertical coal seam gas (CSG) exploration well in Gloucester Basin in Eastern New South Wales, Australia. Fracture gradients in the well were in excess of overburden and determining the existence of certain fractures with microseismic alone was difficult.

SOLUTION – Halliburton experts deployed FracHeight® Service to allow characterization of reservoir deformation, which provided fracture parameters. The client saw detailed insights that confirmed fracture heights seen on the microseismic data, no signs of excessive upward growth toward groundwater, and the presence of highly-dipping fractures. This data allowed the operator to make more informed decisions regarding their fracture design and well placement strategies.

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