Case Study: First Wireline Tractor Frac Sleeve Shift Saves Time

Sleeve ShiftCollaborative effort results in the first wireline tractor closing of frac sleeves in half the time for three wells in Kazakhstan.

CHALLENGE – When Karachaganak Petroleum Operating (KPO) was selecting a completion technology for three of their wells in Kazakhstan, they chose Halliburton solutions that provided interventionless multistage fracturing operation. During the operation, the RapidShift® system sleeves needed to be shifted. Using conventional coiled tubing to shift sleeves could have taken up to three days, would require the use of fluids that could have damaged the reservoir, and coiled tubing would have been at its operational limit of 6,000 meters. In addition, unforeseen, substantial risks were expected because this new technique had never been used before. 

SOLUTION – The Halliburton solutions KPO used of RapidShift and Swellpacker® systems allow efficient completion of multiple zones and shifting to the closed position when reservoir management is required, which in this instance it was. So Halliburton experts recommended a new wireline technique of the modified Welltec® wireline tractor and stoker that could exert up to 65,000 lbs of force to close off the problem zones. This solution required extensive engineering and international collaboration with impressive results: the sleeves were easily closed in one-third the time it would have taken with flawless, zero NPT and reduced risk of formation damage.

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