Case Study: eRED® Valve Saves Six Hours Rig-Time for BP

eRED® Valve opens and closes remotely, eliminating the need for wireline intervention

eRED-bannerCHALLENGE – BP needed a more efficient method to set a shallow barrier and to reduce rig time for pressure-control equipment (PCE). In doing this, BP wanted to ensure that the solution chosen would adapt to the existing completion infrastructure that was set in the well.

SOLUTION – This water injection completion consisted of a hydrostatically set 9 5/8-in. x 5 1/2-in. production packer, un-perforated 5 1/2-in. and 7-in. 25 Cr tubing, and a tubing-retrievable safety valve (TRSV).

The eRED valve was made up to a standard 6.187-in. lock and pre-installed into the tubing hanger at surface. It was then run in hole with the ball in the open position, allowing fluids to bypass while landing the tubing hanger.

Once at depth, the tubing hanger was landed and locked in place. The production packer was then set and the tubing tested to 6,000 psi through the open eRED valve. The TRSV was then pressure-tested and in-flow tested as per program.

After successful completion of the TRSV function and in-flow test, the eRED valve was commanded to close with a preprogrammed pressure and time signature (2,500 psi applied to tubing for 10 minutes). A delay of five minutes was included for bleeding off pressure prior to closing.

The eRED valve closed as expected when the command trigger was initiated. The barrier was then tested, the blowout preventer (BOP) was removed, and the lower master gate valve and Christmas tree were then installed and tested.

Still without any form of intervention, the eRED valve was opened remotely by applying the predetermined command trigger at surface (1,500 psi for 10 minutes). Positive feedback that the valve had opened was indicated at surface by observing a tubing pressure drop.

The equalized hanger plug and lock assembly was then retrieved with wireline, without the need for PCE.

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