Case Study: eRED® Valve Provides Efficiencies and Time Savings in Downhole Operations

Valve operates remotely after 23 months down hole

Challenge – The operator’s previous method for hanger installation and completion testing involved the deployment of a dual-bore riser and multiple intervention runs to allow for plug installation on the annulus bore. This can be a time-consuming operation, especially as the North Sea is subject to adverse weather conditions that can result in waiting on the weather to complete the operation. Faced with these challenges, the operator was interested in using a different technology that would eliminate the need for dual-bore riser deployments and intervention runs.

Solution – To address these challenges, Halliburton proposed the use of the eRED valve as the annular barrier. The eRED valve was made up to the annulus short string on the hanger assembly onshore and tested. The assembly was then shipped offshore and installed in the well.

The eRED valve was deployed in the closed position to allow relevant tests to be conducted with the tubing hanger locked in the wellhead. The eRED valve was then opened, using a pressure command to allow the packer to be set. On completion of successful packer setting and inflow testing on the safety valve, the eRED valve was closed to allow the tubing hanger to be tested from below. The eRED valve was opened with a pressure command to bleed the pressure down from the annulus and reclosed after a short timer delay. The closed eRED valve was pressure tested to confirm the barrier prior to removing the BOP. The eRED valve was then opened with a pressure command – 23 months after closure – once the christmas tree had been installed.

Download the case study (PDF) below to read more.



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