Case Study: Deepwater Offshore Mexico – Unconventional Reamer Solution

Halliburton Tandem XR ReamerEnlarging a hole using an unconventional reamer solution saved a Halliburton client time and money while achieving excellent hole quality in deepwater offshore Mexico.

CHALLENGE – Working in deepwater wells in Mexico provided one operator pressure drop and flow requirement constraints. These types of constraints require drilling a vertical hole with a rotary steerable system and enlarging the hole while doing it. They needed an innovative reaming solution that would effectively and efficiently handle their difficult well plan and enlarge the rat hole.

SOLUTION – Halliburton’s comprehensive analytical modeling demonstrated the most effective solution was to use two hydraulic reamer systems with equal load distribution. In addition, upon reaching the total depth, the reamers were pulled out of the hole and repositioned closer to the bit.

Download the deepwater case study (PDF) below to read more. Download





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