Case Study: Deepwater Gulf of Mexico – Huge Savings for Operators

Halliburton Deep Water GOM Case Study

Accomplishing in less than 8 hours what a competitor couldn’t do required a fast, accurate and safe solution for a Halliburton client in deepwater Gulf of Mexico.

CHALLENGE – An operator working in the Gulf of Mexico was completing a deepwater well when they encountered stuck pipe that stalled operations, causing non-productive time (NPT) at a significant cost to the operations. They needed to quickly and accurately identify the free point before pipe recovery operations could begin. A competitor took 18 hours to attempt to locate the free point, however they were unsuccessful. The operator needed a solution and fast.

SOLUTION – Enter Halliburton. With our revolutionary Halliburton Free-Point Tool (HFPT), we quickly identified the free point in just one run (7.5 hours) saving the operator $500,000. The tool collected all the data needed to make the right decision in real time on a single trip, greatly reducing HSE risk to employees operating the rig.

Download the deep water case study (PDF) below to read more. Download




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