Case Study: Customized Chemistry Increased Production 559% in Oklahoma

Customized chemistry helped increase production from oilperm-treated wells after 30 daysHalliburton-treated wells with customized chemistry performed 300% better than similar wells on 30-day cumulative oil production

CHALLENGE – In the Woodford shale play in Oklahoma, an operator’s wells were experiencing severe post-stimulation declines in oil production. Long-term production numbers were lower than expected and desired. The operator needed to increase production, decrease emulsions and improve recovery.

SOLUTION – We recommended the customized chemistry of OilPerm surfactants and OilPerm™ formation fluid mobility modifiers (FMMs) to enable quick recovery of treatment fluids and mobilize formation fluids. Results were even better than expected and higher than nearby wells: increases in initial fluid recovery ranged from 60% to 340%; and after 30 days, they saw 309% to 559% more oil production.

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