Case Study: Coiled Tubing Integration Saves Money for Mexican Client


Halliburton provided optimization of stimulation fluids in real time using distributed temperature sensing with coiled tubing that proved highly effective in optimizing both costs and efficiency.

CHALLENGE – A Halliburton client in Mexico was experiencing issues with a highly deviated well in a carbonate reservoir that needed optimization through its use of coiled tubing. The horizontal well seemed to be depleted with highly conductive natural fractures stealing injection fluids. The diversion technology needed to be fine-tuned, while providing an integrated solution. Our client needed someone to step in and maximize well production performance and intervention success rates.

SOLUTION – And that we did. Halliburton was able to combine services for continuous monitoring and real-time decision-making through our CoilComm℠ monitoring service and distributed temperature survey with fantastic results for our client. Through real-time monitoring, we saved our customer $120K in fluids by discovering we were able to cancel their final acid stages. In addition, we discovered a thief zone that required modified treatment and were able to help our client plan for future, additional wells.

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