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Mr. Querales is a Production Engineer in Field development projects in global department in Halliburton Consulting and project management. He has been working in different projects as Production engineer for 15 years providing tools and methodologies for enabling production optimization. Throughout his career he has been involved in production optimization, well and network modelling, field development plan, smart well design, unconventional well modelling, integrated productivities enhancement, artificial lift optimization and digital heavy oil field projects. Mr. Querales has published 13 SPE papers about digital oil fields, artificial intelligence, smart well designs and artificial lift optimization.

We Can Help Maximize the Value of Your Mature Fields in this Market Downturn

The Halliburton collaborative framework for mature fields’ diagnoses challenges, designs solutions to improve production and increase recovery, and delivers these solutions to enable you to maximize the value of your assets. In a recent project, we found potential for a client to increase their total production by over 250%, with a rate of return of over 200%, within a matter of months. These...


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