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Krzysztof is a Petrophysics Advisor for Halliburton Consulting. He has over 20 years of experience working on many G&G projects and has taught and coached employees at various levels of competency in relevant technical domains. Krzysztof has worked with several wire line logging and interpretation systems, from Russian analogue tools to modern Halliburton digital recording systems. He is familiar with the Landmark workstation and ShaleExpert petrophysical software and is proficient with PetroWorks, StratWorks, SynTool, GXII, Tesseral (for seismic modeling) and has expert knowledge of Multi-mineral Formation Evaluation. Krzysztof leverages his strong geophysical background, especially in synergy studies of conventional and unconventional hydrocarbon resource exploration and evaluation.

Is it Shale or not Shale? That is the Question.

In a previous blog on unconventionals, ”Conventional vs. Unconventional Shale: What is my Reservoir?,” Richard Day wrote about the nontrivial problem of classifying reservoirs as conventional or unconventional formations. I would like to continue this topic, as, in Europe, this issue has made it into the headlines of local newspapers. People in small villages have become “experts” in the field of geology, and...


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