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Jan Loaiza has over 16 years experience in the oil and gas industry working for two service companies in North and Latin America. His experience includes participating in multidisciplinary teams to create complex onshore and offshore field studies around the world. Mr. Loaiza, has also served as a reservoir and production engineer in areas such as well testing, production logging, numerical simulation, production optimization, completion design, unconventional reservoir, stimulation, and others.Mr. Loaiza has worked directly with many E&P operators providing Technical Support on projects and promoting new technologies that help carry out their projects successfully. He currently serves as a Global Sales Technical Advisor for Halliburton’s Unconventional, Deep Water and Mature Field Technical Solutions Team.His background as a reservoir, completion and production engineer has provided him the skill to have a holistic understanding of the different reservoir processes. Jan has combined his field, well analysis and sales experience to develop processes and solutions focused on the reservoir.

Making Better Real Time Decisions While Testing in Deepwater Exploratory Wells

Of critical importance, exploratory wells both represent the initial reservoir evaluation opportunity and help define subsequent development strategies. Hence the importance of obtaining high quality data with which to portray accurate static-dynamic reservoir characterization. This is the reason the drill stem test (DST) is one of the most important tests oil companies use to execute their exploratory wells. DST Operative Time and Cost...

Inflow Control Devices: Extending the Life of Mature Field Wells

Mature fields are very important for meeting today’s world energy demand because they produce 70% of the total world oil production. However, problems associated with their characteristics implicates that there is a need to apply new alternative technologies to extend the life of these wells. One of the most important problems associated with mature field wells is water breakthrough, which can significantly decrease...


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