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Founded in 1919, Halliburton is one of the world's largest providers of products and services to the energy industry. With approximately 65,000 employees, representing 140 nationalities in approximately 80 countries, the company serves the upstream oil and gas industry throughout the lifecycle of the reservoir - from locating hydrocarbons and managing geological data, to drilling and formation evaluation, well construction and completion, and optimizing production through the life of the field.

Tech Paper: Saturated Salt and Diesel Emulsion Fluid Reduces Drilling Costs in New Mexico

Direct emulsion water-based drilling mud system helps operator overcome challenges In the Delaware Basin of New Mexico, shallower formations, such as the Salado, include halite and anhydrite layers followed by weaker formations in the Delaware Sands- (e.g., the Brushy Canyon). The fracture gradient difference between these two zones has typically required an intermediate casing string to seal off salt formations before reducing fluid...

Intercept® Retrievable Bridge Plug Provides V0 Barrier on Two Batch Wells with Zero NPT

Halliburton retrievable bridge plug helps ensure stability and safety Challenge – This operator needed to rent barrier plugs in order to temporarily abandon its wells to drill and run batch completions. Normally, the operator rented bridge plugs from another service company. Halliburton discussed the well challenges with the operator and recommended the Intercept® retrievable bridge plug because of its gas-tight V0 barrier during...

Tech Paper: A New Logging-While-Drilling Azimuthal Density Sensor for Large Borehole – Gulf of Mexico

Unique service helps address formation evaluation challenges encountered in large borehole sizes In the current market, operational geology and geoscience asset teams have clear and aggressive financial reduction target that need to be met without compromising the formation evaluation (FE) requirements of a well construction project. Advances in drilling and completion technologies and practices for deep-water wells commonly require operators to drill larger borehole...

Case Study: Integrated Well Intervention Solution Reduces Offshore P&A Costs By Over 50 Percent

Solution becomes new P&A benchmark in offshore field Challenge – In the field, the platform had been unmanned and the drilling facility idle for 10 years, requiring costly upgrades to be prepared for the plug and abandonment (P&A) campaign. The P&A solution had to comply with strict environmental and internal company technical requirements, and also reduce overall decommissioning time for the platform. The...

Tech Paper: Redevelopment of an Unconventional Oil Reservoir: Finding Unstimulated and Bypassed Reservoir Volume

Increasing oil production in a tight carbonate formation through re-stimulation opportunities This paper identifies re-stimulation opportunities in existing horizontal wells with existing multistage hydraulic fracturing to increase oil production in a tight carbonate formation, offshore Black Sea. Pilot candidates were screened and ranked through the following decision criteria described in this paper, coupling reservoir, production and completion parameters. Favorable pilot candidates were verified...

Case Study: Halliburton Enters Conventional Liner Hanger Market on Sinclair Well

First MatchSet™ system is successfully installed in highly deviated horizontal application Challenge – The customer had limited operations in the Williston Basin, and was faced with the complexity of a highly deviated horizontal well with a sidetrack. It needed a hanger with a modular design that could handle long and heavy liners with minimal stress to the parent casing. The MatchSet™ conventional liner...

Tech Paper: Optimization of Recovery Using Intelligent Completions in Intelligent Fields

Completing smart wells with remotely controlled inflow control valves Throughout the previous few years, substantial attention has been paid to the usage of smart well technologies to help improve recovery, particularly with technological improvements and an increasing expanse of opportunities in more challenging and rewarding assets. The fundamental focus has been to propose and develop workflows that integrate several surface/subsurface sub processes and...

Case Study: BaraShale™ Lite Fluid Enables Sustained Success of Unconventionals in Low-Cost Oil Environment

New water-based fluid system helps operators save time and reduce costs Challenge – With its unconventional field developments, the outstanding success of the Permian Basin as a global oil and gas swing producer has been sustained by operators and service companies using innovative technologies and cost-efficient operational practices. Overlying much of the hydrocarbon-rich Delaware Basin – the western province of the Permian Basin...

Case Study: Project Management Service Utilizes Technologies to Deliver Wells Ahead of Schedule

Multi-team solutions improve drilling efficiencies, saving average of 72 days of rig time Challenge – Formation problems along with drilling complexities were causing time delays and high costs for the customer. Halliburton was asked to implement its technologies, engineering services, and experience to optimize drilling and increase efficiency for the operator, as well as to unite its services and subject matter experts, through...

Case Study: Operator Identifies Shallow Surface-Casing Corrosion Without Costly Workover

Halliburton Electromagnetic Pipe Xaminer® V (EPXTMV) tool detects metal loss near wellhead Challenge – Since the operator’s leak was impacting production, and similar wells in the area experience shallow surface-casing corrosion problems, the operator wished to know the extent of this potential problem to develop a remediation plan. Solution – Halliburton recommended assessing the corrosion using the new Electromagnetic Pipe Xaminer® V (EPX...


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