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Cary Purdy has more than 30 years experience in the oil and gas industry. He is currently Manager of Geomechanics and Petrophysics for Halliburton’s Landmark Software and Services business line. Prior to Halliburton’s acquisition of Knowledge Systems, Cary was that company’s Senior Vice President of Software. Cary has also worked as General Manager for Petrotechnical Open Software Corporation (now Energistics) and Mobil Oil, where he spent the majority of his career in various technical and managerial roles. Cary has degrees in Geology and Physics from Bowling Green State University.

Integrated Real-Time Geopressure, Earth Stress…

and Wellbore Stability Analysis for Deepwater Drilling Operations All too frequently deepwater drilling operations are hampered by formation fluid influx (kick), drilling fluid loss (hydraulic fracture) and wellbore instability due to shear failure. These events are estimated to cost the industry almost $8 billion every year, and this number has not decreased despite advances in pre-drill modeling. Indeed, a GOM operator study cited...


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