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Hydraulic fracturing treatment is one of the major contributors to increase oil and gas production. In most areas, fracturing has remarkable impacts on gas potential and sustainability. Proper design and... read more

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Experiences and good practices from MPC successful execution This paper discusses the experiences and good practices established from successfully executing two managed pressure cementing (MPC) jobs within an ultra high-pressure/high-temperature... read more

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An Alternative to Less Water Consumption while Maintaining Productivity Conventional hydraulic fracture stimulation technique has been widely used to enhance the production from tight gas reservoirs. Since the initial use of this... read more

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NMR logging allows indirect yet continuous assessment of viscosity. In-situ viscous oil viscosity estimation is critical for identifying sweet spots, selecting depths to collect samples, designing well completion and recovery... read more

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Collaborative effort results in the first wireline tractor closing of frac sleeves in half the time for three wells in Kazakhstan. CHALLENGE – When Karachaganak Petroleum Operating (KPO) was selecting... read more

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Horizontal multistage fracturing required to achieve production targets Baharyia formation is a common reservoir in the western desert of Egypt characterized as a low quality sand and a heterogeneous reservoir.... read more

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Proper well completion selection requires knowledge of the impact the completion may have on the production and economics over the life of the... read more

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Challenges, misconceptions, opportunities & support Although women comprise a portion of the talent pool that makes up the oil and gas industry, historically, more men occupy roles within the sector.... read more

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Halliburton’s innovative perforation application overcame excessive formation damage and boosted anticipated production by 313%. CHALLENGE – An onshore, cased-hole, and perforated oil wellbore located in the Ecuadorian rainforest had a... read more

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Pilot well to identify feasibility of multilateral wells to  enhance oil recovery, reduce drilling costs Kuwait Oil Company (KOC) has recently drilled the first multilateral well in a North Kuwait field... read more